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Drive By Flying

Drive by flying

At the Playground

Chick's Beach - Over the Dunes

Boat stuck on wrong side of dunes - Chick's Beach - Feb. 2010

Chick's Beach - Poop Pollutes

Poop Pollutes, Virginia Beach title=
Random dog we were playing with on the beach.
Black lab at Chick's Beach, Virginia Beach - Feb. 2010

Chick's Beach on the Chesapeake Bay

Chick's Beach, Virginia Beach

264 East at Ballentine - Stuck in It

Traffic on 264 in Norfolk
Almost at exit 12, Campostella
Traffic on 264 in Norfolk

Brambleton and City Hall - Snow Removal

Record snow amounts fell almost two weeks ago. The large nasty piles of snow need to melt even with snow flurries coming down again.

18th and Granby - Killer Omeletes

Charlie's Cafe in Norfolk, Va. - Killer Omeletes

Charlie's Cafe - Killer Omeletes


Westover and Manteo - The Dearly Departed

A beautiful house, too bad it was previously a funeral home.
Former funeral home in Norfolk

Waterside and St. Paul's - Whale Wall

Whale done!
Whale done - Norfolk

Run Forrest!

Get a treadmill.
Running in the snow

Bumpy Roads

The roads still aren't quite clear.
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