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Friday at Five

Every one wants to get home from work but especially when it's Friday.

Pedestrian Detour

I told you PeTA hated people who eat animals.


The PeTA HQ is in downtown Norfolk.
In case you didn't know, it doesn't stand for People Eating Tasty Animals.

The Love Boat

I couldn't find Capt. Stubing or Julie, the cruise director. They must be hanging out with Isaac, the bartender.
Cruise ship in port in Norfolk - May 2010

C It Go?


Chinese Food - Part 1 and 2

This restaurant always makes me wonder how the top and bottom are part II but the bottom says new. Maybe it doesn't make the translation from the Chinese symbols.
Chinese food signs

Mine! Mine! Mine! (part 2)

Not to be confused with part one.

VIP "Park"ing

Bike at the park - May 2010

You Know it's a Long Light When...

You know it's a long light when there is a homeless person on every corner of the intersection asking for money.

Homeless person in Norfolk
In the summer, a more enterprising soul sells bottled water out of a cooler for $1 each.
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