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Fall is in the Air

Taken November 20, 2010 in Virginia Beach, Va.

I Hear You Clucking Big Chicken

Our friends keep getting unwelcomed guests from their next door neighbors.

The rooster was walking around the front yard.

Even a Caveman Can Do It

Cavemen are people too.
Cavemen are people too.

Life is a Highway

What if Life is a Highway?
Western Virginia but not West Virginia - September 2010

Doing a Bang Up Job

Car accident in Ghent - Sept. 2010

All Fenced In

Mass Transit

DC Metro at Dunn Lorring

The metro is not always scary.

Walking Tour of DC

The Washington Monument and the very corner of The White House.
The closest I got to anything monumental on my trip to Washington, DC on Monday.

We were patrons here though.

Barrel House Liquor

Washington, DC.

Wait for It

Saw this leaving the parking garage today after work.
Reach for it.

Free Ballin'

Virginia Beach tried to ban these from being on display.

One Big Wad

Chrysler Museum of Art - Part II

Chrysler Museum of Art - Norfolk, Va.
This is the other side of the building.

Pop a Squat

Damn You Daylight Savings

The Tavern

This moose is on the wall at The Tavern in Charlottesville, Va.
The Tavern in Charlottesville, Va.
I think he's smiling at me.

Virginia Plantation

If we had the money and I severed ties from being near easy shopping, this is the house I would want.
My new neighbors would moo but I could get used to it.

Church Rivalry

Jim Kelly's Lake House

This is Jim Kelly's lake house in Virginia. Notice the football field with goal posts on his property.
Across the water is apparantly a house belonging to Colin Powell but since he didn't have nuclear weapons in the yard, we couldn't find it.

Christ and St Luke's Church

Christ & St Lukes Church - Norfolk, Va. - July 2010


Into the Tunnel

Yet another bridge tunnel in the area.
Entering HRBT - July 2010

Beach Flag

American flag at the beach - July 2010
10 points if you noticed the flying seagull.

Congestion Ahead

Congestion Ahead Be Alert

Who is Kenny Golden?

These signs are all over town.
Who is Kenny Golden?

Otherside of The Dunes

Boats certainly move over the dunes since I saw the last one in February.
Chick's Beach - July 2010

Beach Metal Detector Deja Vu

Is this the same guy I saw in April?

I'm at a completely different beach on the Chesapeake Bay versus the main oceanfront and saw him walk by Again.
Beach metal detector man - July 2010

What do you think?

Kentucky Sunset

Northern Kentucky, July 2010

Redneck Fountain of Youth

Redneck fountain of youth
There's even a rainbow.

TNT Disposal

Even the neighborhoods that are 4-wheel drive only up the beach need port-a-potties. I doubt it's for the wild horses.

Lunch Specials

Does that come with a fortune cookie or an apple?

Beware of Snakes

4-Wheeling on the Beach - Slow for Wild Horses


I thought it was Bud?

Chesapeake is another town in this area.

Chrysler Museum of Art

I wonder what the admission could be these days.
Chrysler Museum of Art - Norfolk, Va. - May 2010

4 Trees

No, You Look!

Look sign in Norfolk - May 2010

Old Coast Guard Station - Virginia Beach

Old Coast Guard Station - Virginia Beach - April 2010

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