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Jim Kelly's Lake House

This is Jim Kelly's lake house in Virginia. Notice the football field with goal posts on his property.
Across the water is apparantly a house belonging to Colin Powell but since he didn't have nuclear weapons in the yard, we couldn't find it.


Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

My father would have loved to have been buried there. He was a long time sports supporter for the City of Virginia Beach, a football coach at Granby High School (back in the day), a past president of the Norfolk Sports Club, started the lacrosse program at Cape Henry Collegiate School, and helped develop many of the parks in Va Beach...he ended up with all daughters.

Lucy said...

What a beautiful home on the water but those sports guys can never give up their sports (LOL), and darn wish Colin had some nuclear warheads out I would have love to seen his home (LOL)

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